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You get to Tarnac by a small path that crosses hilly forests of pine trees, less ordered then those all around. At first you spot a couple of white-stone houses, at the edge of the curvy street and then the rest of the village appears and in a blink you are in the main square, with the street leading to the communal bar and to the village-market or to the Internet point.

As i arrived in the main square U. and I. were walking downwards and it was a pleasure to meet them unexpectedly. We settled our tends in a field near the village. We learned that in the coming days a festival launched by a swiss collective in support for refugees, was to take place in Tarnac. We decided to stay for the festival. In the meantime, at night we ate tagliatelle with plantain sauce, home made from top to end, cooked under the rain, under a tarp attached to the van of L. and M.. Delicious pirate foolish tagliatelle, the way we like them the best. During the day some people were working in the Internet point to finish a paper for a master thesis, others were chilling and chatting, others reading. We had a couple of circles to which new people joined. C. arrived and L. and M. left.

Some of us enjoyed dancing and listening to live rap during the festival! On the last night, before U. left us, JM from Giat came to visit us in Tarnac and it was hearth-warming to see him there, to spend the night together around the fire also with the dogs Cina and Night, all wet from the rain. U. took out his accordion and played some Balkan tunes before we went to sleep.

Part of the group then left for direction Lake of Vassivieres, while A. and I stayed in the Internet point in Tarnac to finish the master thesis and send it to the university. When we reached the others, they were at Les Ganes.