The outcome of the Magari meeting in Moncalvo

The outcome of the Magari meeting in Moncalvo

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The outcome of the Magari meeting in Moncalvo

What happened with the lock-down

We originally planned to meet in Piedmont for the Autumn Gathering, where 20 people would meet to talk about various topics concerned with living in a community and discuss the next steps for Magari. Still, due to the lock-down not everyone could come. Despite that we decided to keep the meeting in Moncalvo in the family house of one of us. This is where we are now, ten people happily confined together, yuhuuu!

The content of the workshops

Once in Moncalvo, after settling in and preparing the house for our needs, we discussed what topics we wanted to tackle and each of us prepared workshops to address them. Most of them were dedicated to discuss communication tools, decision making processes and building the vision for the group.

The workshops were:

  • Day one

    • facilitation
    • consensus decision making
    • vision & imagination
  • Day two

    • practical tools for creating an intentional community
    • bondings & boundaries
    • “theater of oppressed” tools
  • Day three

    • feedback learning
    • power dynamics
    • sexuality and relationships
    • final rounds of feedback
The program of the three days meeting

The feedback from the workshops

The workshops helped us to gather and shape common knowledge on how to use the community tools in a more personalized and appropriate way. We have now a better understanding of everybody’s vision of living in a community and each of us came up with many creative, playful ways to deal with the community building processes. We had an intense but fun time and more workshops are going to take place in the next weeks of our confinement residence! ;)