Who are we?

Who are we?

We are coming from the four corners of Europe. We started as a group of friends, then friends of friends meeting weekly to discuss our visions.
We are looking to build an intentional community that participates, exchanges and contributes to the local environment.

This year 2021

We started the year 2021 living together in northern Italy, in a farm-house owned by the father of one person of the group, who lent it to Magari as a base. Spending time here confirmed the necessity of horizontal relation towards the place we live in, like for example collective ownership, in order to create horizontal group dynamics. As the summer comes forth, we are going to take some time to explore existing communities to learn from their experiences. In the meantime we are keeping on looking for places where the group can root itself, and we are glad to meet new people wanting to join Magari. At the moment some opportunities to be better evaluated are bringing us towards the south of Italy. However we're still exploring other regions and countries as well, depending also on the people who are going to join us in the coming times. Let's see what time offers us. 🌈

Every monday evening at 7PM since a year now, we are having online calls to keep in touch, organize, and to welcome new people interested in having a first contact with us. If you're interested in joining, send us an email.

The more general vision

We believe communication is at the center. Trust between people, relationships, shared vision. Here are some key points we agree on:

  • Prefer communication over rules. Build up a culture of communication that helps everyone's needs being met. One of the tools we are keen to explore for living more harmoniously is non-violent communication (NVC)
  • In the long run, we aim at creating a large community (>100 people - either living at the same place or scattered in different sites at cycling reach) to create a living space that evolves with the people who composes it. Having more people allows at the same time renewal and stability of the community. We are also looking for diversity and intergenerationality.
  • Being part of a networking of communities, resistances and activities at local and broader scale.
  • We are conscious of power imbalances related to ownership so we are exploring ways for the place to be owned by the community, rather than by individuals.
  • Create collective governance tools, models of shared finances and arrangements of the living spaces, in order to enhance communal living, sharing of resources and collective organization.
  • Collective and individual learning, acquire, build and share knowledge.
  • Aim at reducing our inputs “from the market”, by rethinking our needs, producing things we need and help developing local and solidarity networks.
  • Focus on recuperating things we need, as long as we're not able to produce them or get them locally. Develop circuits of low-tech recycling and reuse of available materials, objects and food.
  • Have a diversity of activities: agriculture and food production, construction, social activities…
  • Take part in the local life of the region we live in (examples: schools, grow and share local food, cultural activities…) to engage with the needs of local communities.
  • Work on inclusiveness, build solidarity to marginalized groups.
  • Apply permacultural ethics: care for the well-being of the environment, care for the well-being of the others and share the surplus, enabling us to be interdependent, to take responsibility for ourselves and our place in the world.
  • We are aware that compromises will have to be made in all those aspects in order to keep energies and our capacity for outward actions to support solidarity and struggles.

The integration of individual visions into a shared one is a continuous process. The previous points are a beginning of a vision to be developed further, probably endlessly, and with YOU. 🧸